Religious Celebrations

The Catholic church teaches the value of prayer and good works on behalf of our deceased family and friends. Catholics have been sustained throughout the ages in the knowledge that, as they have joined their prayers with those of the church, one day others will continue this practice and they can truly rest in peace with the sure knowledge that the church’s prayer on their behalf will continue until the day the Lord comes to gather all to Himself and present His people to the Father as the Kingdom accomplished.

In a special way, during the month of November, beginning with the celebrations of All Saints and All Souls, the church continues to remind us of the importance of prayer for the dead and our need to always be prepared for the time when we too will be called home to the Lord.

After a family member’s death, on-going cemetery visits are encouraged. The Trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral support these Spiritual Works of Mercy by providing Mass:

the 1st Saturday of each month at the Ascension Chapel at 9:00 AM.

…and other opportunities for prayer and remembrance. Additionally, families are accustomed to praying at the burial sites of their beloved dead to observe birth and death dates, wedding anniversaries, other religious holidays, including Easter, All Saints and All Souls, and civic holidays such as Veterans Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Father’s Day.

A Memorial Mass is celebrated at Ascension Cemetery on Memorial Day and All Souls Day and information is typically posted at the cemetery entrances and provided through the cemetery newsletter.

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