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Ascension Cemetery offers graves for ground burial, garden and chapel crypts for mausoleum entombment, and niches for the inurnment of cremated remains. Sites are also available for the placement of private family mausoleum structures. When an interment site is purchased, a certificate of interment rights is issued. When more than one space is purchased, it is advised that a separate cemetery document be completed to assign the spaces so that intended use is recorded.

The purchase of the certificate of interment rights grants use, not ownership, of the space for a specific purpose and this distinction is important. The disciplines of the Catholic church and specific rules and regulations, whether now in place, or adopted in the future, accompany and are integral to the certificate. In new purchases, perpetual care is included in the cost of the easement.

Additional products that Ascension Cemetery offers include enhancements (cameo pictures and devotional/patriotic emblems) for community mausoleum crypts and cremation niches..

Ascension Cemetery services include the opening/closing of the grave, crypt or niche, the installation of foundations for monuments, and the installation of flush memorials.

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