Grave, Crypt & Niche Memorialization

Everyone deserves to be remembered by name. Since the cemetery protects the common good of all certificate-holders and uses the cemeteries to teach Catholic belief, memorialization is carefully regulated. At the time of purchase of burial rights, certificate-holders are provided information about memorialization. All local memorial dealers are provided current copies of cemetery regulations. Prior to selecting memorialization, families must be sure that their memorial dealer understands and complies with the Catholic cemetery’s memorialization regulations.

Death date, season of the year, and family’s first contact with a monument dealer impact when a memorial can be placed. Prior to the manufacture of any memorial, monument companies must receive written cemetery approval for material, design, size and any inscriptions or artwork. Every memorial must include some recognized Catholic symbol. All memorial work must meet established cemetery standards.

Cemetery Rules & Regulations define who has the authority or legal right to place or alter a memorial. Any alterations made to memorials require prior approval and authorization from the cemetery authority. Foundation and permit fees are typically not included in the cost of burial site easements and are collected by cemetery management prior to acceptance or alteration of memorials.

Monuments and memorials remain the property and responsibility of the purchaser. The cemetery must always have a current contact name and address as services such as re-sealing granite/marble components may be required.

Community mausoleum crypt prices include identification engraving. Cameo photographs and patriotic/religious emblems may be added to crypt shutters, but must be purchased through the cemetery office to preserve the uniform appearance of the buildings.

Marble and granite niche shutters (covers) may also be enhanced with cameo photography and patriotic/religious emblems. These must also be purchased through the cemetery office to preserve the uniform appearance of the niches.