Ground Burial

Inhumation (full ground burial) is offered in various sections at Ascension Cemetery. Not all sections in the cemetery have available space, but from time to time, should spaces be returned to the cemetery, it may be possible to offer a location (close to a relative) in an area that would otherwise not be commonly available. Inquiry about specific locations is best made by family members at the cemetery office.

Ground burial sites are differentiated by the type of memorialization desired. All spaces are sold to accommodate the casketed remains of two individuals (double-depth). While a vault or concrete liner is desirable and recommended, it is not a cemetery requirement.

The current price for flush memorial double-depth grave spaces is $2,100.

The current price for upright monument double-depth grave spaces is $3,100.

Family estate lots with double depth grave spaces are available in the following configurations:

Two graves with a total of four spaces — $6,200
Three graves with a total of six spaces — $9,300
Four graves with a total of eight spaces — $12,400
Six graves with a total of twelve spaces — $18,600

Prices do not include the cost of opening/closing of the grave space, a vault or liner if so desired by the family, or monument foundation/installation. Nor does the price include the cost for any memorial or monument desired by the family.

The opening fees for weekday and Saturday burials are $2,000 and $2,500 respectively.

Foundation fees vary depending on the size of the foundation required for the desired monument. Foundation or setting fees start at $900 for flush memorial grave and $900 for upright monument.

Please refer to the fee schedule for other services and related fees.

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