The Cardinal’s Cemeteries Initiative

Due to the public health risk posed by COVID-19 and for the safety of our cemetery workers, kindly note that Calvary and Allied Cemeteries will be remaining closed for visitation until further notice.

Debido al riesgo para la salud pública que representa COVID-19 y para la seguridad de nuestros trabajadores del cementerio, por favor tenga en cuenta que Calvary and Allied Cemeteries permanecerán cerrados para visitas.

The Calvary and Allied Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of New York have been diligently serving the people of New York during this public health crisis with cemetery personnel, administrators, and gravediggers working to ensure that our loved ones are provided with an appropriate resting place. Cardinal Dolan’s Cemetery Initiative, which was started two years ago for the financially vulnerable in our communities, is available to those who are need of assistance. Kindly refer to the details below.

Saint Francis of Assisi Section:
Each archdiocesan (not parish) cemetery will continue to have a Saint Francis of Assisi Section, for any deceased person declared indigent by local civil authorities. They will be buried in a casket or their cremated remains will be inurned and buried at no cost with their names engraved on a communal marker.

Guardian Angel Section:
Gate of Heaven, Resurrection, Calvary and Ascension Cemeteries have a Guardian Angel Section for the burials of stillborn children at no cost with their names engraved on a communal marker.

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Section:
Ascension Cemetery has a Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Section, emphasizing the love and mercy extended to our deceased when a standard burial is unaffordable. With a letter from the deceased’s pastor attesting to limited means, the deceased will be buried in a full casket grave for $3,500, on average, a third of the regular cost, with each burial site identified by a stand-up marker bearing the deceased’s name that will be provided by the cemetery.

Triple Depth Grave (three deceased)
Monument (provided by the cemetery)
Foundation (where the monument sits)
First inscription (included in cost)
First opening fee

Cost is $3500.00
Full price is $11,000.00

Ascension Cemetery
Rockland County
650 Saddle River Road,
Airmont, NY 10952

Original Cardinal’s Initiative Letter

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